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Armazem (near Rua de Lisboa, Mindelo, São Vicente) – located towards the center of Mindelo, this nightspot is for young locals who dance to Hip Hop, Kuduro, French Caribbean “Zouk” and Kizomba music.


A Grelha

A Grelha (Rua Cidade Funchal, Achada Santo Antonio, Praia) – this is a Portuguese-run restaurant that’s best-known for its grilled tuna dish.


Baía das Gatas music festival

Baía das Gatas music festival (Mindelo, Sao Vicente) – first started in 1984, this three day festival is held every August at the Baía das Gatas beach, and offers sounds of African and Verdean music, as well as jazz, salsa, fado and reggae. Popular musicians from Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) African countries like Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau, […]



Shopping options anywhere in Cape Verde (be it Sal, Mindelo in São Vicente, Santiago, and elsewhere), are very limited, centering on make-shift open-air shopping strips that are hard to miss when one passes through the center of major towns. The closer one is to a tourist-friendly area, the more likely one will run into street […]


Cars Rentals

CAR RENTALS – Here are the phone numbers for car rental agencies operating in Cape Verde



Brava (island) – this is the smallest of Cape Verde’s islands (with a population of just 4,000). There are few worthy beaches here, due to its rugged coastline (fringed by steep cliffs). Eco-tourists may be attracted to its mountainous terrain (with its main town, Nova Sintra) being well into the island and located 520 meters […]