Shopping options anywhere in Cape Verde

Shopping options anywhere in Cape Verde (be it Sal, Mindelo in São Vicente, Santiago, and elsewhere), are very limited, centering on make-shift open-air shopping strips that are hard to miss when one passes through the center of major towns. The closer one is to a tourist-friendly area, the more likely one will run into street vendors with some form of souvenirs. The lack of pricey mega shopping centers adds a sense of “other worldliness” to Cape Verde.

It is very common in Cape Verde to find crocheted items such as tablecloths, carpets and bedspreads, as well as native paintings, batik fabrics, straw hats and articles made of shells and stones such as necklaces. Also hard-to-miss are sculptures, masks and wooden objects from Senegal. Given Cape Verde’s growing status as a cultural destination (due to its music), it’s no surprise that CDs of the country’s artists (from icon Cesaria Evora, to young chanteuse Mayra Andrade) are found all over, and are among the country’s best souvenirs.